Smart OaaS SAP on Azure

Mint Management Technologies

Managed SAP on Azure environment

SMART OaaS SAP on Azure is built on the SMART OaaS Platform. 

Mint is driving the next frontier of innovative, secure & cost-effective offerings that drives the business prioritized Outcome as a Service by combining the best of Microsoft Azure with proven and certified Azure Blueprints, ProActive™ migration strategy & execution, best in-class managed services with Azure Sentinel and SEAM offer and continuous modernization of all applications throughout the subscription.   

SMART OaaS SAP on Azure is suited to any customer looking to run SAP workloads in a managed Azure environment. 

Plan details: 

Creates a high availability 3-Tier SAP NetWeaver environment. The environment incorporates the best practices from Azure Blueprints and includes the migration of your current SAP environment and data to Azure. As part of the purchase process you will be required to select the amount of SAPS for your environment, database technology used, preferred OS's and SAP stack type. VM's are added into an availability set and load balanced for the DB and SAP SCS/ASCS. 

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