nyris visual search engine


visual product and object search engine

nyris is a ultrafast and flexible visual product and object search engine. You can add our visual search to any website with just 3 lines of code in less than 60 seconds. We also provide iOS / Android SDKs to add our visual search to your app. Our unique solution uses multiple state of the art image recognition technologies to recognize the products and objects inside an image. This way we can

  • deliver the most accurate results for your visual search queries
  • for a huge variety of different objects and product categories
  • in less than a second
  • for millions of products or objects
  • without the need of huge training data sets
  • there is no need for an app. You can offer visual search on any website and trigger the smartphone camera from there.

All we need to start is your product or object data feed. Visual search made simple!

Contact us for more details and you can increase your store conversion or customer engagement by offering visual search on your site tomorrow.

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