Demand Forecasting, Prescriptive Inventory Management

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Transform Your Retail Data Into Actionable Intelligence!

Increase operational effiency by reducing stock-outs, stock-days and waste!

Obase Replenishment solution is a multi-objective solution helping organizations transform their data into actions for the toughest supply chain challenges. It provides you with the analytics-driven demand forecasting model built on machine-learning algorithms to help you run your store on the best-in-class, demand-driven inventory management system.

For each SKU at each store Replenishment;

  • Calculates minimum stock level
  • Segments the product groups and products to determine the customer service level
  • Estimates the supplier delivery day
  • Estimates the box quantity value
  • Optimization algorithm decides the inventory levels based on inventory holding and shortage cost. Decisons made by Analytics@Replenishment system are integrated with ERP systems. You can increase sales by eliminating out of stocks, reducing waste and write-offs. Decrease the excess inventory and while positively impacting your customers' desire to shop with the full and appealing shelves and racks.

  • Powerful analytics to maximize shelf availability
  • Reduce supply chain costs and minimize the obsolete inventory
  • Get higher sales, improved bottom-line and a bettered customer experience
  • So far, our product brought us 2019 Microsoft Global Partner of the Year Award and with this award have been awarded 5 times by a jury comprised of academicians and sector representativies.

    • Microsoft "2019 Global Partner of the Year Award - Retail"
    • Microsoft “AI Solutions Partner Of The Year” Award 2018
    • Best Enterprise Solution - Europe Retail Technologies Awards 2017
    • Category Retail Association 2017 - Best TechnologyBest Application – OR and Industrial Engineering Congress 2016

    Track immediate impacts on your results:

  • 10-50% Reduction in Out of Stock
  • 5-30% Reduction Overstock
  • 20-60% Reduction in Waste / Outlet Transfers
  • To start all you need do is to share sale, stock, price etc. data historically, our simulation algorithm can produce results immediately!

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