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A simple and safe Image Bank for M365 accessible directly in Office across devices globally.

<h3>Allow all your teams and users across your entire organization to <span style="color: #5079a8;">simply share </span>and <span style="color: #5079a8;">easily access and insert images</span> into documents directly within <span style="color: #5079a8;">Word, PowerPoint, Excel, OneNote, </span>etc.</h3>
<p><strong>Image Chooser is part of the officeatwork suite of solutions that empowers your employees to increase their productivity and effectiveness while using Microsoft 365 tools &ndash; it allows easy access to customizable, up-to-date templates, contents, brand, and legal elements to your entire organizations. Improve brand consistency, content quality, and security across your business.</strong></p>
<p>Simply drag and drop your curated images directly into your image libraries stored in Teams or SharePoint. Have anyone in your organization access those image libraries via the Image Chooser directly in Word, PowerPoint, Excel, OneNote etc.</p>
<p>The management and configuration of all officeatwork solutions is done in one central place, the officeatwork Admin Center.</p>
<h3>Key Benefits:</h3>
<li>Simple and fast way of creating stunning documents by inserting images from your organization's image bank directly in Office.</li>
<li>Secure storage of your images in your SharePoint-based image libraries.</li>
<li>Spend less time searching the latest image updates - stop bothering your teammates asking them to send you the latest updated images!</li>
<li>Reduce ambiguity for your employees and keep your teams happy</li>
<li>Maintain consistency and quality across all your documents</li>
<li>Ensure all of your Sales &amp; Marketing collateral is on-brand</li>
<li>Safeguard your image bank and guarantee your intellectual property</li>
<li>No IT skills needed, just click to insert.</li>
<p><strong>officeatwork is a Microsoft award-winning business software&nbsp;provider. Its solutions are used by thousands of organizations and millions of people around the world.</strong></p>
<h3>Requirements &amp; Compatibility</h3>
<li>This solution requires a Microsoft/Office 365 Work or School Account or a Microsoft Personal Account for sign-in.</li>
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