OpenText InfoArchive


Modern archive solution for compliant archiving of structured and unstructured information

OpenText™ InfoArchive is a modern archive solution and cloud-based service for compliant archiving of both structured and unstructured information highly-accessible, scalable and economical. Whether actively archiving business information to reduce system loads or de-commissioning applications to stand down outdated systems, InfoArchive is the flexible and cost-efficient way to reduce IT costs and accelerate the move to a modernized, cloud-based architecture. Users remain effective in their everyday work and can quickly access data and documents in familiar, process and role-specific views. This allows organizations to cost-effectively upgrade to new applications with only active data and still keep historical data only a click away. InfoArchive also helps organizations quickly address dynamic new governance issues and compliance guidelines, such as data privacy regulations and eDiscovery requests, without costly changes to legacy applications and systems.
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