Nomentia Cash Management

Nomentia Solutions Oy

Manage your finance and treasury operations. Connect with hundreds of banks worldwide

Nomentia is one of the leading treasury operations and cash management systems globally.

With Nomentia's banking interfaces you can easily integrate all of your banks to any financial back office system. The system handles your entire bank integration layer regardless of whether you need connections for treasury or supplier payments, bank statement reporting, or trade finance.

You have hundreds direct bank connections to choose from globally. Nomentia supports various industry standards such as EBICS, and processes and converts almost any payment formats globally. Nomentia is also SWIFT Certified partner providing corporate access to to banks via SWIFT worldwide.

Advanced features such as multi-factor authentication, highly configurable segregation of duties, blacklisting, duplicate controls and blocking of suspicious and erroneous payment flows ensure you will have full control and compliance in your payment process.

Automating reconciliation and reporting of your global cash positions enables you to gain real-time visibility. This allows reliable cash forecasting and a better use of the group’s cash assets.

With matching capabilities you can manage multiple matching processes in the same system. Define the processes based on your company’s needs instead of your ERP’s terms. Enable collaboration between accounts receivable and different parts of the business in a shared process.

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