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AI Driven Predictive Maintenance

As part of the ongoing Industry 4.0 transition, Presenso provides an Artificial Intelligence based solution for predictive asset maintenance. Presenso is an unsupervised solution which is agnostic to the type of machines or production process it monitors. Presenso’s cloud-based AI solution for Predictive Maintenance is based on Automated Machine Learning (Auto-ML).

Many industrial plants struggle to scale predictive maintenance programs across their organizations. Presenso automates Machine Learning processes and provides a Software as a Service AI solution (based on Azure) that requires no support at a plant level. Presenso solution is applicable to multiple types of machines and is deployed in a matter of hours.

How does it work? Advanced Deep learning and Machine Learning algorithms analyze assets sensor behaviour and automatically detect abnormalities and patterns within them. Presenso is an Unsupervised solution that requires no pre-defined rules for alerts or human expert input. Facility technicians are alerted in real time to potential breakdown, thereby giving them advance notice to remediate the problem.

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