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Cloud readiness platform using AI and adaptive learning for enablement, certification and upskilling is a cloud readiness platform using AI, adaptive learning and multi-modality delivery to personalize the learning experience and employee engagement to accelerate enablement, certification & meet cloud project goals. 

What We Do? 
We specialize in assessing your teams cloud competencies & create a highly personalized cloud certification training paths to help you master the skills to achieve business goals:
  • Accelerating cloud transformations
  • Faster deployment times
  • Maximizing your return on cloud investments
  • Increase adoption and enablement 
  • Cloud certification and career pathing

How We Do It?
We approach cloud certification training very differently. We have developed industry’s #1 Cloud Workforce Readiness Platform ( CLIPP) that ties business goals to training & use adaptive Learning Technology to personalize the learning experience that is tied to individual and team business goals. 
These goals can be project goals, adoption or enablement goals. As you learn, you can see that your cloud readiness index goes up and your competency gap against your business goals reduces. This is the true ROI on training dollars. As continuous delivery and continuous monitoring metrics Change, CLIPP platform provides continuous learning recommendations.

You made an investment in cloud technology to achieve business goals. Will you be able to sleep well at night knowing your business goals will be achieved by just buying technology? No. You must invest in training & upskilling yourself and your team to achieve your business goals. 
Another problem is that most of the people do make an investment in training and certifications, but
  1. Training is not engaging with no retention 
  2. There is no accurate way to measure ROI on your training dollars. has Solved This Problem. By innovating industry’s #1 Cloud Workforce Readiness Platform (CLIPP) that ties business goals to training using AI and Adaptive Learning Technology. Certifications & Adaptive Learning Paths offers certifications, exams, and a adaptive learning paths that are personalized based on your goals. Expert Coaching & Professional Mentoring We empower your learning experience by providing Cloud experts and professionals ready to answer your questions. Hands-On Virtual Labs & Informal Learning We deliver real hands-on virtual labs and map informative a.i. curated content to support your learning experience. Analytical Insights & Workforce Readiness offers powerful personal insights to guide and deliver workforce readiness for you or your organization.

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