Artificial Intelligence for IT Service Management

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Intelligent support for your IT Service Management

With Ria, REALTECH‘s solution for artificial intelligence you can optimally automate your service-based IT processes. Whether in Incident Management, IT Support or ServiceDesk or in other IT processes: Our AI solution handles simple, recurring tasks in a very uncomplicated way, thus ensuring convenient automation.

RIA. REALTECH’s Intelligent Assistant. Originally developed for supervised learning with a focus on IT service management, Ria can now be used optimally as your virtual employee in service management. Ria speaks the language of the supporter: She understands natural language, creates the appropriate tickets and forwards them to the right place based on context (Level Recognition). Furthermore, Ria supports your service desk in handling queries by recording, categorizing and addressing them through an intelligent chat bot.

Key Benefits:

  • Ready to go in a few steps: Fast integration and availability. We can develop a functional prototype for your individual AI in just one day!
  • Process Automation in ITSM: Automate your service-based IT processes in the twinkling of an eye and design your processes efficiently all around.
  • Optimized support resources: Relieve your employees of routine tasks so that they can concentrate on their essential tasks.
  • Integration in 3rd Party Systems:We integrate AI into your processes based on the latest technologies.

    A functional AI Prototype in just one day!

    Discover the advantages:

    • Get to know the possibilities of artificial intelligence for your service management
    • Discover the AI functionalities in your processes
    • Get started immediately with your prototype and benefit from intelligent functionalities in support and automated routine tasks

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