RPS .net / java app data protection in dev / test

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.net/java applications data protection for Development-Test environments

Protect confidential data sets of your .net and/or java applications Development-Tests environments by calling our RPS integration components & RPS Protection server. RPS integration components will statically capture and ask RPS Protection server to transform clear confidential data into anonymized and/or pseudonymized values for application testers and developers.

User Type:

  • App developers
  • App testers

Pain points solved:

  • Compliance, security, legal teams will challenge your application developments team to integrate by design and by default data security
  • Thanks to RPS, you avoid partial/full Re-engineering for security & compliance of your .net/java application when customers intend to put their app in production
  • One basket: Azure hosting; Functional Apps + Data protection + Data security and Regulatory reports
Value proposition:

  • Data protection by design and by default for your apps in Azure
  • Consume Azure services for app developments and tests while controlling and tracing your confidential data


  • Protection by design costs are on average 10 Times less important than the cost of reengineering an application in production to cope with security & compliance requirements 

  • Rich anonymization and pseudonymization libraries > 60 techniques
  • All the protection configurations per field and/or per file can be reused for multiple data sets via your RPS Configuration module.
  • Performance: handle large volumes of data sets to be protected (>15 Millions of rows
  • Technical or functional Foreign keys can be protected for multiple data sets preserving data integrity.

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