RPS for CRM Dynamics application data protection

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RPS for SaaS Microsoft Dynamics CRM application protection

Protect confidential data in your SaaS MS Dynamics production environment by calling our RPS integration components & RPS Protection server. RPS dynamically captures and transforms clear confidential data into encrypted, tokenized and/or pseudonymized values

-Sales users

-Sales Managers as super users

-Database administrators, super administrators
Pain points solved
-Access in clear to your confidential data through the US Cloud Act by US authorities

-Nonacceptable usability for Sales Users and/or Sales Managers in terms of searches, filters, reporting involving data fields encrypted, tokenized or pseudonymized at rest; Database administrators, super administrators accessing confidential data in clear when they operate

-Compliance with GDPR and Swiss regulations

-Compliance with in country banking regulations related to Client Identifying Data: FINMA in Switzerland

Value proposition

-Segregation of duty between Microsoft functional services (MS Azure Hosting for production applications) & security-compliance services provided by a 1/3 Trusted platform (RPS) fully managed by you
-Dynamic Data protection and unprotection covering all types of data processing for authorized users only

-2 Clicks to benefit from Audit evidences related to databases in production protected by RPS. Drastically shorten the time to gather information that all regulated data are effectively protected (during audit phases led by Internal/external Auditors/Regulators)

Unique Selling proposition

-Rich encryption and tokenization libraries > 50 techniques preserving usability for business analysts, business super users: Read, change, search, query, compute, filter, ... and performance: 0,15ms latency per field in average
-All the protection configurations per field and or per file can be reused for multiple CRM instances in production

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