Rigado Cascade

Rigado, Inc.

Rigado edge solutions connect devices & sensors from commercial spaces to enterprise applications.

Rigado makes capturing meaningful physical and environmental data easy by combining edge devices with a secure connectivity platform for monitoring and updating – offered as an annual subscription. IoT solution providers deploy Rigado to collect data from commercial spaces such as smart buildings, retail, and logistics facilities. With Rigado's gateway and sensor networks, enterprise applications get the data and device control they need to deliver value to the end user in real-time. Some typical use cases include:

  • Occupancy and People Counting
  • Asset & Employee Tracking 
  • Conditions Monitoring (Temperature, Humidity, Air Quality)
  • Alerts
  • Digital Status Displays
Rigado's solution is Azure IoT Plug and Play Certified and specially designed to work with IoT Hub & IoT Central, making it even easier to get started with a pilot running in Azure.
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