Safecube IoT Tracking

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Real-time tracking solution of goods & shipping conditions for intercontinental shipments using IOT

We bring efficient solution to the lack of visibility and control over intercontinental shipments. 
Our customers use our solution to solve the following pain points : 
  • No or delayed & uncomplete information about shipment between arrival and departure
  • Unreliable prediction of ETA (estimated time of arrival)
  • Additional and uncontrolled logistic costs (demurrage costs) 
  • Sub-optimized transport schemes with poor lead time
  • Poor exception/incident management due to lack of real time alerts
  • No information about shipping conditions (temperature, humidity, shocks, opening) during the travel
Our web-based platform provides real-time visibility over the goods and shipping conditions. The IoT tracking devices are put with the goods inside the containers. They feed the platform with relevant information in real-time and all along the shipment. We deal with the provision and reverse logistics of the IoT tracking devices. You can follow your shipments, search your goods with your reference numbers or containers Id. You have access to dashboard to get a summarized view over your shipments as well as data analysis features to assess the performance of your shipping solutions. 
Alerts are received in real-time and can be configured as per need. Automated custom reports can be created.
  • Geolocation all along the way
  • Alerts of conditions threshold overrun
  • Alerts of route deviation, delay of ETA, missed ships, sleeping containers, unscheduled transits and other specific events
  • Continuous update of estimated time of arrival
  • Overviews and analysis of all ongoing shipments 
  • Analysis of shipments and lanes performance
  • Analysis of lead times and delays
  • Cost effective.
  • Fast to implement and easy to run (we deal with logistic of the the devices for you)
  • End-to-end tracking
  • Independant from transportation company and shipping solution
  • Easy integration with TMS, ERP and SI through API
  • No CAPEX, no fixed costs, full pay-per-use business model

This application is available in french and english.

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