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Sagent Lending

Sagent Lending Technologies carry a history rich in commitment to our clients and extensive experience within the auto, mortgage, and consumer lending spaces. Sagent empowers you to achieve your business objectives and deliver positive borrower experiences. We blend expert perspective with relentless service and technical excellence with interpersonal trust.

Today’s origination market demands speed, reliability, and consistency. Dealers and borrowers expect to get timely decisions and speedy funding. Sagent Lending Technologies’ Auto Loan Origination System (LOS) delivers on all of these needs at all stages of the origination process while allowing you to configure the solution to adhere to your credit policies, compliance checks, pricing, and risk models.

Get the industry’s most scalable Auto LOS that supports complex risk, pricing, and decision models while delivering the highest levels of service to both dealers and borrowers. Enjoy a modern solution that allows you to take control of your lending processes with robust, configurable options and third-party integrations. Connect with your borrowers and dealers to accept credit applications through a variety of origination channels while delivering decisions with best-in-class speed and accuracy.

Speed to market matters and you can increase the efficiency and profitability of your lending business by empowering your business client administrators to deploy changes that control permissions, authority levels, compliance, and policy adherence without waiting for your IT provider – saving you money.

Acquire the benefits of an end-to-end auto origination solution:

  • Enables you to book at scale
  • Creates business agility while maintaining compliance
  • Delivers efficiency and speed
  • Lowers the costs of your originations processes
  • Empowers your originations operation

Enjoy faster, easier, and more efficient:

  • Application processing
  • Contract validation and booking
  • Automated decision making and eContracting
  • User workflow and process management

Get all the features you need to thrive in a fast-paced industry:

  • Mobile capabilities for on-the-go loan production
  • Flexible workflows
  • Policy, exception, and audit controls
  • Configurable options
  • Third-party integration support
  • Easy deployment options

Target markets

  • Capital Market
  • Captives (Auto Manufacturers)
  • National Banks
  • Regional Banks
  • Consumer Lenders

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