SecuriThings Enterprise

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A single pane of glass to operationally manage and secure all of your physical security devices

The SecuriThings Enterprise platform is a comprehensive solution that provides real-time security and operational efficiency for physical security devices. It is particularly useful for large organizations, such as airports, hospitals, and universities, that need to monitor and manage a large fleet of physical security devices across multiple locations. The platform's key features include real-time availability monitoring, smart alerts and analytics, automated device operations, cyber security protection, compliance reporting and visualization, enterprise-wide collaboration, and customer success.

The benefits of the SecuriThings Enterprise platform are significant. The platform improves system availability, ensures full organizational compliance with internal policies, reduces manual labor and on-site visits, protects physical security devices from cyber threats, and provides visibility for future planning by predicting edge device issues, planning for device end-of-life, and prioritizing maintenance activities accordingly.

The primary audience for the SecuriThings Enterprise platform is large organizations that manage a large fleet of physical security devices across multiple locations, as well as key systems integrators and device manufacturers who are looking to provide their customers with advanced insights, coverage, and reliability. The platform is trusted by Fortune 100 companies and has been deployed across enterprises, demonstrating its reliability and effectiveness.

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