SlideX Solutions


Ticketless Valet, Parking Monitoring & Car Services

1. Description:
SlideX is offering a state of the art web and mobile applications for residential and commercial ticketless valet parking, automated fee payments, parking space monitoring, parking garage management, visitor management and car services on demand.

2. SlideX is servicing Restaurants, Residential Properties, Malls, Hospitals, Airports, Stadiums and Small Businesses

2. Features
      • Stop issuing valet or parking tickets to customers
      • Audit all vehicles being parked by taking damaged spots photos
      • Monitor customers or visitors requests real time from SlideX mobile
      • Alert customers when their vehicle is ready for pickup
      • Checking and checkout through mobile phone
      • Request vehicle directly from SlideX mobile on demand 
      • Schedule requests through the week
      • Request car wash services and other services
      • Announce guests
      • Monitor assigned parking space: receive alerts when parking spot is occupied by unauthorized vehicle
        • Manage all visitors entering their establishment or property
        • Request feedback from visitors 
        • Monitor parking garage in real time
        • Assign and un-assign parking spaces
        • Manage customer or tenant vehicles
        • Manage users and key tags

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