Threat Detection Marketplace

SOC Prime, Inc.

Azure Sentinel integration enables continuous threat coverage by delivering 6k+ curated detections.

  1. We help organizations accelerate their cyber defense capabilities by delivering SOC content, such as queries, parsers, SOC-ready dashboards, YARA rules, Machine Learning models and Incident Response Playbooks mapped to the MITRE ATT&CK(©) framework. Threat Detection Marketplace enables full CI/CD workflow for cyber defense operations by providing seamless delivery, deployment, and customization of cross-tool SOC content, like Azure Sentinel Queries, Rules, Functions, Playbooks. Continuous Content Management (CCM) module, powered by Threat Detection Marketplace and enabled by Azure Sentinel’s API, provides SecOps teams with the enhanced ability to stay on top of the constantly emerging threats and delivers strategic detection objectives saving the need for manual content search and download from the SOC Prime’s platform.
  2. Security performers, including CISOs, SOC Managers, Detection Engineers, and Threat Hunters can speed up threat detection lifecycle and increase their team productivity by optimizing rule and query building with custom use cases for Azure Sentinel matching the company’s threat profile and tailored to the specific cybersecurity role.
  3. Threat Detection Marketplace helps organizations overcome major stumbling blocks to continuous cyber defense:
    • Lack of custom use cases and their continuous lifecycle support. Threat Detection Marketplace enables proactive cyber defense by constantly delivering and supporting custom use cases tailored to the unique threat profile and the latest threat context aligned with ATT&CK Techniques, Tactics, and Tools.
    • Limited engineering capacity of the in-house SOC team. SOC Prime’s Detection as Code platform helps SOC teams save hundreds of development and research hours and enables them to focus more on security operations. SOC Prime also offers a cost-efficient add-on license called Hyperdrive to boost a response to new and emerging threats when the companies are doubtful about their in-house or MDR/MSSP capacities.
    • Shortage of SOC skills and profound expertise in the specific SIEM, EDR, or NTDR solutions. Detection Engineers, SIEM Content Developers, and Threat Hunters are really hard to find and retain in-house. Even if organizations invest in them, it is still challenging for individual content authors to keep pace with the crowdsourcing CaaS platforms. Threat Detection Marketplace delivers scalable Detection as Code cross-tool content, written in both generic and cloud-native languages, including the Azure Sentinel format.
    • Need for continuous enrichment and automation of daily threat hunting operations. Threat Detection Marketplace enables accelerated threat detection and allows organizations to augment their threat hunting process via a fully automated system of content management, API integration, Custom Field Mapping, and more.
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