Solita Agile Data Engine for Synapse

Solita Oy

DataOps platform for Azure Synapse Analytics cloud data warehouse

Agile Data Engine (ADE) Software is an integrated DataOps development and operations environment for designing, building, deploying and running cloud-based data warehouse solutions. Agile Data Engine is a combination of interconnected cloud based software modules that are used together with Azure IaaS & PaaS services to create a customer specific data warehousing and data platform solutions. ADE has capabilities for data modeling, ELT and load orchestration combined in the same software platform and exposes them to data professionals in the same web-based development user interface.

Agile Data Engine automates data warehouse development workflows. Data engineers use ADE's browser-based user interface to design data models and data load metadata, from which SQL code is generated automatically. The code is then deployed with ADE to the target environment, such as an analytical relational database and load orchestration tool.

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