Solutions2Share - Template Hub

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With Template Hub, manage and protect corporate document templates easily.

Make sure your users always use the latest document template with a document center – a template hub!

Document Management: Manage your templates centrally and minimize your administrative effort. Template Hub provides a template library with a clear structure using categories and subcategories. New templates can be added via drag & drop to categories.

Compliance: Determine access rights to templates, both in general and for each template individually. Make sure only certain persons in your company can edit and provide templates.

Template Selection: Your users can filter the template library by categories or find templates by using the search function. Template Hub also allows users to choose between different views.

Document Preview: Always find the right template you need. The selection is made easy by the document preview, ensuring your users open the right template.

All features at a glance:

  • Centralized template management
  • Protect the document templates
  • Set access rights generally or individually
  • Create and manage template categories
  • Easily add template documents by drag & drop
  • Update document templates in one place
  • Link with content types
  • Access for all users
  • Available in every document library
  • Large document preview
  • Fast search
  • Filtering and sorting options
  • Indexing directly after creation
  • Editing directly after creation
  • One-click installation via App File in the App catalog
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