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At Symphony Industrial AI, our mission is to bring the promise of IIoT + AI to reality by delivering real value to our customers through our operations excellence solutions.Symphony Industrial AI’s data management platform provides real-time stream processing on time-series and related data for predictive analytics in the process manufacturing sector (chemicals, refining, pulp & paper,metals & mining,oil & gas, etc.),leveraging cloud and big data technologies.

Built with AI & Machine Learning,Symphony Industrial AI’s solutions integrate seamlessly with the equipment and devices you already own.By predicting failures before they happen,our solutions facilitate:

• A reduction in unplanned downtime & process trips
• A reduction in capital expenditure & asset maintenance costs
• Improvement in quality using gathered process & product data
• Improvement in safety and in tracking workforce effectiveness

Symphony Industrial AI has partnered with Microsoft and their Azure Cloud services (including Azure IoT Hub,Azure Machine Learning,Power BI and others) to deliver Cloud scale IIoT + AI platform and solutions that support digital transformation initiatives ranging from condition-based monitoring and reliability centered maintenance,to always on autonomous operations.

Symphony Industrial AI’s solution is unique and speeds time to value (rapid deployment for minimized time and financial investment) due to our:

• Operations Date Lake (ODL): Pre-built integrations to existing systems of record (historians,EAM/CMMS,SCADA etc.)
• Equipment and process template library: A library of equipment and process templates (pre-packaged analytics) that accelerate implementation and time to value
• AI/ML algorithms: Pre-packaged algorithms for failure/anomaly prediction
• Asset 360 AI and Process 360 AI: Pre-packaged solutions for asset performance intelligence and operations/process intelligence respectively.

As Symphony Industrial AI focuses on using operations data (time-series, static, transactional, etc.) to enable and enhance our customers’ performance management and operational excellence initiatives,key customer stakeholders include business leaders in the Emerging Technology/IoT/Manufacturing Digital Transformation groups, those in Analytics Center of Excellence, Operations/Manufacturing/Production leaders/executives, Asset Maintenance/Integrity/Reliability leaders/executives, HSE (Health, Safety, Environment) leaders/executives and those charged with manufacturing process improvement and operational excellence programs.

We invite you to contact us at Symphony Industrial AI to discuss how we can help your organization quickly deploy predictive solutions for your manufacturing processes.We are confident that our model template approach to predictive operations excellence solutions will help you deploy predictive analytics solutions faster than traditional approaches, thus delivering a quicker time to value.

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