Procore Sharepoint Integration

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Access Procore Photos and Documents within Microsoft Sharepoint, discuss site docs, audits & images.

Procore offers two powerful tools for managing files that you use on-site. Procore Photos Tool allows you to take photos on your smartphone or tablet, store & organise your digital photos, mark up your photos with details & comments as well as linking photos to specific projects. Procore Documents acts like a virtual filing cabinet for documents that your team needs when on-site.

For high-performance teams, the friction in their process comes when they get tired of needing to download Procore documents and images to their phones and then upload into the Microsoft Sharepoint space where their team is collaborating. Wouldn't it be easier if your team could select the files they need to discuss while they're in the Microsoft Sharepoint app?

With our latest integration, connecting Procore to Sharepoint, construction teams can access Procore Photos and Documents within Microsoft Sharepoint, enabling them to discuss site documentation, audits and images easily. If you're ready to reduce the friction in your team workflow and get access to your important files in your Teams folder, get in contact with one of our team today.

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