argitaratzailea: TECH-ARROW a.s.

Archiving platform for e-mails, SharePoint, MS Teams, OneDrive, file servers or user end-points

mycompanyarchive is an archiving platform that provides you a common, safe archive for Office 365, Exchange, SharePoint, file servers, workstations, and more. Reduce your costs of storage and infrastructure, and by switching off inactive accounts. Your company will meet regulatory requirements (GDPR, SEC 17a-4, SOX, HIPAA, etc.) and corporate policies by securing data. Access is guaranteed anytime, anywhere. Other features:

·       You can run the archive as a cloud service, On-Premise installation or a hybrid mode, 

·       Automated indexing of e-mails, attachments, documents, files,

·       Single-instancing, versioning, compression,

·       Read-only user access,

·       Secure sharing of archived content with manageable options,

·       Advanced full-text searching in all data sources,

·       PST, ZIP export from the archive,

·       And a lot more.

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