Telia Teams Telephony

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Telia Teams Telephony integrates calling services in Microsoft Teams

Telia Teams Telephony is a concept that target the midsize and large customer segment that wants to integrate or replace their existing telephony solution with Microsoft 365 Phone System. It includes some different options depending on the customer need.
Teams UC Centric solution

Teams UC Centric solutions is for customers that want to replace their existing telephony solution with Teams. Teams will then become the customer’s business phone system, and can be direct connected with telephones, 3rd party contact centers and switchboards

  • Telia Teams Operator Connect
    Telia Teams Operator Connect integrates fixed phones numbers with Microsoft Teams, where administrator can manage and assign the numbers with the admintool in Teams (Teams Admin Center). It is based on a direct integration between Telia and Microsoft with a shared SLA for the customer. The offer is is currently available in Sweden and planned to be rolled out across the Nordic region. For more information: Operator Connect (
  • Telia Mobile UC Access
    Telia Mobile UC Access integrates the mobile phone with Microsoft Teams. It supports a fixed phone number or a mobile phone number as the “one number” for the user. Incoming calls for the mobile number can be answered in Teams and the mobile number can be presented for outgoing calls. The outgoing calls will be charged on the existing calling & data plan for the mobile phone subscription. It is based on Direct Routing integration between Telia and the customer’s Microsoft Teams tenant.

Teams integrations for PBX/UC systems
Most of Telia’s PBX/UC solutions can be offered with an integration to Teams. It enables users to use the Teams as a softphone combined with an extension number in the PBX/UC system. The user can then use their existing phone number with keeping the features in the PBX/UC system for PSTN calling, call queues and contact centers. The solution is ideal for customers that only want to keep the existing telephony system and enable some users for calling in Teams. The integrations are based on Direct Routing.

Telia & Microsoft
Telia has a long experience of delivering IT and telecom services and is a Microsoft Gold Partner in almost all competence areas and work closely in several product areas. 

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