Fuel Management System (TovutiFMS)

argitaratzailea: TOVUTI GROUP LIMITED

Reimagining how fuel stations Point of Sales (POS), customer billing & rewarding are done.

TovutiFMS is a simple yet comprehensive forecourt management solution designed to give you operational efficiency, real-time station performance insight, fraud detection, and ultimately increased fuel station profitability.
Why TovutiFMS? All your fuel station operations and data at your fingertips. Your employees work smart and your fuel stations run smart.
If you own a fuel station(s) and you suffer from
  1. Operational Inefficiency - sales and stocks reconciliation takes too long
  2. Fraud Losses due to revenue leakage
  3. Lack of realtime insights i.e delayed and weak reporting
Our solution will help you purchase, sell, reconcile stock and cash in the bank

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