Uncrowd FRi platform – Retail Customer analytics


Increase customer acquisition & spend by acting on retail insights into shopper choice/behaviours

Modern customers have the ultimate control to choose where, when and how they shop. Retailers that know which variables make them first choice win more shopper missions than their rivals. 

Our SaaS Customer Experience FRi™ platform reveals which choice-variables will reduce churn, reduce costs, drive innovation, maximise spend, combat competitors and increase loyalty. 

Uncrowd’s Friction/Reward Indexing™ (FRi™) answers retail's most fundamental question 'Why do customers choose retailer x over retailer y?' In the era of total and easy access to competing choices, knowing where they stand among those choices is a retailer’s number one priority.

With Uncrowd FRi™ retailers can:

  1. Win in more shopper missions more often as customers’ first choice
  2. Identify safe opportunities to reduce costs
  3. Operationally and strategically optimise effort

Most retailers unlock at least $1m additional operating profit using FRi even just once.

Knowing why a shopper will choose you over a rival is priceless

Uncrowd’s FRi™ innovative analytics platform with integrated AI and ML provides insights into shopper choice, behaviours and likelihood to buy; providing actionable-insights that allow you to optimize budgets and reduce costs while optimizing customer acquisition spend and CX budgets in general - these types of specific and actionable insights cannot be gained from anyone else.  

Win more shopper missions with Uncrowd

As the leading experts on friction versus reward we developed our FRi™ platform to provide clear answers and actionable insights on where and why a customer on a given shopper mission will spend their money. Uncrowd analyse your CX versus competitors across up to 80 friction and reward variables – output is clear and instantly actionable to win new customers, retain existing ones, and get the best bang for your CX buck.

Integrated with Azure as part of your centralized budget management package. Get started immediately with a subscription directly through Azure and start seeing the benefits of the FRi platform.

"You need to know your Friction/Reward Index™. It tells you how to win more shopper missions, more often. It’s better than NPS and more accurate than C-Sat."

Richard & Rocky, Uncrowd Founders

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