Vecos Smart Lockers

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Vecos is the #1 smart locker system making flexible and dynamic workplaces possible

Vecos is the global market leader in electronic locker management system specially developed for activity-related and flexible workplaces. Running on a fast-growing platform with more than 1 million users worldwide, the Vecos system’s architecture is built on Microsoft Azure and supported with a wide range of API's. 

Whether the workplace in an organization has a fixed or a flexible office, the Vecos locker management system can be configured for all situations and for all its users. Employees can move freely around the office, and there is a locker where and when they need it.  They can easily operate lockers via an (RFID) card on the locker or at a terminal, the company access badge, the Releezme app or via third party workplace apps. They are always in control of their lockers.

Vecos is a smart electronic system, meaning that there is no need for keys or changing batteries. This is more environmentally friendly and saves the facility a lot of management time. Facility managers can manage and configure lockers as needed in their company from any location. From lockers for personal storage, team storage, temporary storage, internal logistics, anything is possible. The locker management software provides managers real-time insights into the use of lockers and allows them to assign, open, block and release lockers remotely.

The Releezme software is the heart of the Vecos locker management system and is hosted within Microsoft Azure in the Cloud as a SaaS service. 

Via a secure connection (https) every company has access to its own configuration options in the software and information about their locker usage. The data related to locker use is GDPR-proof and stored securely in the environment reserved for that specific organization in the cloud. 

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