argitaratzailea: Viewpoint Software a Trimble Company

A role-based, construction-specific suite of solutions that connects people, projects and processes.

For more than 40 years, Viewpoint has helped contractors improve their systems and processes. We know the construction industry and have worked hand in hand with thousands of contractors to not just understand their business needs, but find new solutions for them. From pinpointing job costs in real time to reducing profit fade to boosting productivity and mitigating project risks, Viewpoint has invested in leveraging technology to help its clients succeed. We understand the power of your data and the potential it can bring when properly analyzed, easy to understand and effectively acted on.

That's why we built our ViewpointOne suite of connected construction management software solutions from the ground up, on a modern infrastructure that leverages cutting-edge technologies like Microsoft Azure. The ViewpointOne suite extends the power of Viewpoint’s Vista ERP solution beyond the back office, with intuitive web and mobile solutions that bring together your projects, people and processes in a truly collaborative construction management environment. Securely hosted in the cloud, ViewpointOne provides a single source of data truth for every aspect of a construction project, from planning to building to closeout. Construction companies are using ViewpointOne to transform their construction operations, becoming data-driven, digital contractors that can make actionable decisions in real time — improving productivity and profitability along the way.

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