Wandera Mobile Data Policy

Wandera Inc.

Be confident in the way your corporate devices are used.

Enforce acceptable use, eliminate shadow IT, prevent excessive data usage and educate end users on their usage. 
Being mobile gives employees a world of freedom to access any site, anywhere, at any time. 
That might also mean accessing the wrong sites, in the wrong places and at the wrong times.
Wandera lets you apply real-time and consistent web usage policies for your remote users, across any platform.

Acceptable Use and Shadow IT
Set intelligent rules to ensure that your remote users only access the sites, applications and services they’re supposed to, making sure you’re compliant with regulations. Enforce your policy so that only sanctioned tools are used for company business.
  • Enforce acceptable online behavior with intelligent content filtering rules.
  • Mitigate legal exposure from noncompliant or illicit use.
  • Prevent sensitive corporate data from being exposed on personally enabled cloud apps.
  • Block unsanctioned services via the browser and application.

Excessive Data Usage
The rise of streaming services like YouTube and Netflix are causing data pools to drain rapidly. Corporate mobile devices provide the freedom to work any time, anywhere. But even on personally enabled devices, non-business activity shouldn’t strain your data plan.
  • Get a firm grip on data consumption with real-time analytics and detailed reporting.
  • Prevent bill shock by capping and limiting non-business data usage.
  • Reduce roaming charges with overseas data management controls.

The Wandera Security Cloud protects enterprises at the new edge, where data is in the cloud and users are remote. Unified security capabilities include threat protection, content filtering, and zero-trust network access.
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