Customer Engagement: 1 week proof of concept

Arbela Technologies Corp.

Using your data and industry best practices, we show you how to enhance your customer experience and engagement

This Proof of Concept is designed to reimagine how your business approaches customer experience and customer engagement. Our experts will spin up a trial instance of Dynamics 365 for Sales, Customer Service or Field Service and configure it with your data to provide a conference room pilot to your team and executives.


  • Demonstration on how data augmentation can provide greater insights on your customer
  • Defined processes to drive your sales, customer service, field service
  • Provide operational context in your productivity applications such as Outlook
  • Mobile demonstration for those on the road
  • How to leverage machine learning to drive better business decisions


Day 1 - Assessment and data collection

  • Assessment of current processes
  • Collection of demo data
  • Determination of potential automation

Day 2 - Setup trial and configuration

  • Deploy trial environment
  • Load sample data
  • Begin configuration

Day 3 & 4 - Finalize configuration and review

  • Finalize configuration
  • Internal review with sponsor
  • Last minute updates

Day 5 - Conference room pilot

  • Conference room pilot of Proof of Concept
  • Determine next steps

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