Avanade Agents Discovery Workshop

Avanade, Inc.

Work together with Avanade SMEs to understand how AI-infused Agents can drive business value by automating manual tasks and taking generative AI to the next level for your business.

89% of employees who have access to automation and AI powered tools feel more fulfilled because they can spend time on work that really matters.

92% of leaders agree organizations need to shift to AI-first operating models in 12 months to stay competitive.

This 2-day workshop offers an exciting opportunity to learn about the AI agents of the future. Participants will be introduced to Agents, the next evolution of copilots, and discover how they differ from traditional copilots. The workshop will include a short introduction to copilots as well as a closer look at Agents and their benefits, with an example use case to demonstrate the potential of these new capabilities. We will spend time to understand your business objectives and run a discovery session with participants to identify high value use cases where Agents can make a rapid impact.

What will be covered?

During the workshop, we will help you to understand where you are on your AI journey, your Copilot maturity and your options for accelerating through the Copilot phase to introduce Agents into your business, we will also cover:

• Add-ons, integrations and extensions required to connect Copilots to Agents

• Strategies for enriching data from across your technology ecosystem

• Licensing requirements

How is this different from Copilot?

While Copilot capabilities are focused on sourcing, summarizing, and generating information, Agents take this a step further by adding automation; enabling agents to take action on behalf of people.

For example, a customer has a faulty product, and the customer service representative has gone through the guidance provided by Copilot but been unable to help the customer resolve the fault. As a result, Copilot recommends the product is either sent for repair, or a replacement offered.

In either case, the customer service representative could ask Copilot, and the AI agent will take the relevant action. If the customer requests a replacement, the employee can simply tell Copilot to send a replacement. In the background, all the required processes and activities will be undertaken by the Agent, from recording that a replacement has been sent, right through to ordering, delivery and arranging collection of the faulty product.

What will the outcomes of the workshop be?

Following the 2-day workshop, participants will have a foundational understanding of Agents. Specifically, the following items will be delivered:

• A high-level assessment of AI and copilot maturity

• Readiness recommendations for Agent implementation

• Tailored recommendations and potential Agent use cases for your business

• Learn how to become AI responsible using our responsible AI frameworks

*Pricing will vary based on the scope of the engagement.

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