Business Central for Museums: 8-Wk Implementation

Awara IT Solutions LLC

Pre-configured solution based on Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central for museums and entertainment companies. The solution provides a set of tools for working with visitors.

Awara IT helps museums and entertainment companies to automate specific processes that are inherent in the entertainment industry using Microsoft’s industrial solution in a short time and with a limited budget. The solution is based on Microsoft Azure and Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central technologies.


  • Ticketing module: managing categories of tickets, booking tickets, generating printed forms of tickets, bar codes and QR codes to control entry
  • Online ticket sales: single quota allocation with offline tickets, delivery of purchased tickets by e-mail, integrated ticket sales module on an existing website
  • Access Control: the function of scanning bar codes and QR codes for the organization of entrance control, the ability to scan club cards and gift certificates
  • Ticketing / store / cafe POS system: integration with SKU directory (store / café items) in Dynamics 365 Business Central, integration with payment terminals, the ability to create a discount directory, integration with EAN barcode scanners, more than 30 ready-to-use cash reports
  • Event Management module: planning group events in the schedule of excursions, automatic generation and sending of a certificate for a group visit to an agent (partner), automatic notification of guides about the upcoming excursion, ordering additional services (group meals, museum services, audio guide), quick addition of extras. services and add. sales to the general bill for excursion services
  • Membership module: generation of membership card numbers and barcodes for their subsequent release and registration, creation of various privilege parameters, marketing emails to cardholders, analysis of the behavior of club members, cross-sales analysis in a store or cafe using a club card

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