Microsoft Copilot for Security: 6-Wk Enablement

Cyclotron Inc.

Copilot for Security empowers security teams investigations and operations, harnessing real-time data across digital security estates to improve response time, intelligence, and investigation quality.

Cyclotron's Microsoft Copilot for Security Enablement offer provides a 6-8 week accelerated enablement of Microsoft Copilot for Security and dependent data sources.

Scope: Cyclotron helps your organization maximize value when implementing Microsoft Copilot for Security through: A comprehensive professional services consulting engagement; Connected data source configuration & health assessment; Operational readiness & training for your administrators; and Planned changes needed for improvements to Microsoft Copilot for Security's data sources including implementation timeline, roadmap & cost.

Cyclotron will configure and enable Copilot for Security and dependent services for maximum Microsoft Copilot for Security use, including best-practices and custom deployments for: Defender XDR (at least MDE); Defender for Cloud; Sentinel; EASM; Intune, and Purview.

Output: Micrsoft Copilot for Security enabled Administrators trained Optional technical enhancements provided on roadmap 

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