BYOD Endpoint Mgt: 1-Wk Accelerated Implementation

ITC Secure Ltd

Accelerated Deployment of Microsoft Endpoint Manager for Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) capability

With the working landscape evolving, end users are expecting to work seamlessly on any device, corporate or personal. Organisations face a challenge managing corporate data access from unmanaged devices ensuring visibility and management. Microsoft Endpoint Manager (MEM) has been developed to directly address these challenges, by allowing organisations to enforce policies to applications as well as devices, this is known as Mobile Application Management (MAM). With this, organisations can gain full control of the work data on any personal device ensuring full visibility and control can be enforced.

Over a typical 8-day engagement, ITC Secure will assist customers with their installation and configuration of Microsoft Endpoint Manager, identifying through workshops, the key requirements to meet the goals of the business. Our experts will introduce the technologies (MEM, Conditional Access, MDCA, AVD/W365) used for managing BYOD; working with you to identify key objectives and challenges, providing both a best practice solution for deployment as well as a demonstration.

This workpackage will show how it provides business benefit, improves device management, saves time, money and resources, and how MEM complements other components of the Microsoft 365 product stack. At the end of the engagement a documented roadmap is presented detailing any further next steps and any continued deployment, to get the most out of your investment.

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