Advanced Data Analytics with Power BI: 3Day Wkshop

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Take your data visualization to the next level by learning how to use AI and advanced visualization techniques in Power BI

Are you a Power BI user that’s ready to go beyond the basics? During our workshop, you will learn how to transform and model data using advanced calculations. You will also learn about Power BI Premium and embedding capabilities to transform your organization’s existing reports.

As the 2021 Microsoft Power BI Partner of the Year, we are recognized for our expertise in implementing business intelligence and analytics solutions.


  • Data model performance optimization, administration, governance, and best practices
  • Functions and time intelligence in DAX
  • Artificial intelligence components
  • Power BI Premium, shared capacities, and governance
  • REST API/PowerShell for auditing and administration

This workshop is a hands-on opportunity that combines group discussion with demos and presentations. You’ll develop reports using DAX, use Power BI Premium capabilities, and implement advanced analytics with AI using a ready environment that we provide for you. On top of that, you can access any resources and labs you use for up to six months after the workshop.


  • Mid-level to advanced Power BI users
  • Business analytics developers
  • Data engineers
  • IT admins
  • Data scientists


Day 1

Advanced data modeling in Power BI

  • The phases development
  • Advanced DAX concepts: functions and time intelligence
  • Advanced DAX demo for building forecasting
  • Performance optimization and best practices

Day 2

Artificial intelligence in Power BI

  • Artificial intelligence in Power BI
  • Helping analysts prepare data
  • Helping data scientists and analysts collaborate

Power BI Premium and embedded analytics

  • Premium and shared capacities
  • Power BI Premium governance
  • Embedding scenarios

Day 3

Enterprise governance and administration in Power BI

  • Report developer essentials
  • Power BI gateway, workspace, and capacity administration
  • The Power BI admin role and O365 administration

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