Intune Security Baseline: 4-week Implementation

Mobile Mentor Inc

This service delivers a fully working Intune environment according to best practice.

Are you using best practices for your security policies, devices profiles and compliance rules?

Mobile Mentor will implement a proven set of Intune security policies, device profiles and compliance rules for Windows, macOS, iOS, iPadOS and Android devices in your Microsoft 365 environment.

Microsoft redefined endpoint management with Intune, creating an exciting new paradigm for IT Admins.

Intune is evolving rapidly with roughly 65 updates every 2 weeks. It is almost impossible to keep up!

Most companies struggle to acquire and retain the knowledge and experience to stay current and implement best practice.

Use a Microsoft Gold Partner to configure your Intune environment

Our proven process: 1. Discovery - We run a technical workshop and interview the IT team to understand your needs and the way your people work 2. Implementation - We implement security policies, profiles and compliance rules for Windows, macOS, Android and iOS 3. Knowledge Transfer - We provide hands-on training and documentation of your Intune environment to your administrators

Save months or years by implementing a proven configuration that combines policies, profiles and compliance rules from Microsoft and the US Department of Defense – adapted to your business.

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