PowerApps Scoping: 1-Wk Workshop

Neal Analytics

An engagement that delivers a project plan for solving your complex problems with PowerApps.

PowerApps can help you solve a host of business problems. An appropriate implementation can automate business process, track implementations and structure data, easily roll-out enterprise apps onto the iPhone and Android platforms, and rapidly iterate on application design.

With an expert consultant working with you, you can rapidly accelerate towards these and other program benefits. To that end, Neal Analytics offers expert consulting in a workshop format to help get your team off the ground right with their development.


To most accurately scope and begin development on a PowerApp with a customer, Neal Analytics prefers to spend 2 days onsite, and 3 days offsite, in the agenda below:

Day 1

  • Prep, spread out over multiple days with stakeholder calls understanding the scenario, and coming up to speed.

Day 2

  • Interviews determining data sourcing
  • Initial Application Design

Day 3

  • Deeper Application Design
  • Scoping for Incremental Data Requirements

Day 4

  • Create statement of work and project plan

Day 5

  • Finalize project plan and statement of work with stakeholder.


  • Project Plan
  • Statement of Work for Application Build-out

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