Microsoft 365 Inter-Tenant Migration: 2 days Assessment

Preeminent Solutions, Inc.

Preeminent, a Microsoft Gold Partner, can deliver a consulting engagement of 2-Day Assessment & Recommendation to help you planning your migration from one Microsoft 365 tenant to another tenant

Microsoft 365 is one of the most widely used enterprise cloud platforms. However, organizations that move between or manage multiple tenants due to Mergers & Acquisitions, lack key capabilities their users normally rely upon. These missing capabilities will undermine user productivity, collaboration, and your brand. Here are some examples of missing capabilities:

  • Users in different tenants will not have the same email domain (Unified Email Domain)
  • They may not be able to find their co-workers to send them emails or invites since there is no common address list (Unified Global Address List)
  • They may not be able to look up the availability of others when scheduling a meeting since there are no Calendar Lookups (Unified Calendar Lookups)

Preeminent can help you with a solution to the problems related to the multi-tenant integration and cross-tenant (inter-tenant) migration including co-existence capability. Preeminent supports all Microsoft 365 workload integrations or migrations, for example

  • Exchange
  • Teams
  • OneDrive
  • SharePoint
  • Enterprise Voice

Preeminent’s 2-day Assessment includes:

This 2-day assessment by Preeminent will provide you with the guidance to onboard you to Microsoft 365. During this engagement, Preeminent will

  • Review your
    • Current environment
    • Business requirements
    • Technical requirements
  • Recommendations on
    • Integration/Migration strategy using Microsoft best practices.
    • Vendor agnostic tools to migrate your workloads.
    • Data security and governance considerations.
    • Tailored to your needs by the engineers who know the technologies inside-out.

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