Viva Engage: 1-Day Assessment


A discussion and assessment with our experts to uncover your business needs when considering a move to Viva Engage or increasing your adoption on the platform.

There's so much stuff out there written about Viva Engage. The blogs are everywhere! From someone telling you the top 76 ways to get the best from Viva Engage, while handing out Viva themed cookies, to the 397 things not to do when you launch - it can get confusing. That's why we offer this 1-Day Assessment. As Viva Engage experts, we've collected the best-case studies and work with expert partners to give you the information that matters.

Whether you need to prepare for a Viva Engage launch, shake up your existing Yammer network, migrate content from other social platforms like Workplace or truly mature your network, we can help you unpick what will work best. You will leave the assessment with a report detailing which approach we can tailor for your business.

Valorem Reply is an experienced digital consultancy specializing in Microsoft technology. It is recognized as a leader in Microsoft 365, which includes Viva Engage, is a Managed Partner with Modern Work Designation. Valorem Reply is the one of only few Viva Engage Migration and Adoption Specialist Consultancy. Valorem Reply was an Employee Experience Finalist for the Microsoft Partner of the Year 2021.

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