Copilot Check-In: 2 Hour Workshop

Slalom Consulting

Join Slalom for this workshop focused on providing an overview of Microsoft’s Generative AI capabilities including Microsoft 365 Copilot.

Learn how to harness this powerful companion tool that enables people to leverage Generative AI to assist with content creation & summarization using the combined power of LLM’s, the Microsoft Graph, and Microsoft 365 application suite.

This workshop will cover:
* Introduce & Overview to GenAI & Microsoft 365 Copilot
* Demonstration of content creation & content summarization capabilities
* Ideation on potential tasks that could benefit from Copilot AI assistance

Who should attend?
Business & technology leaders who are responsible for driving modern ways of working within their organization and specifically are interested in learning more about Microsoft’s GenAI capabilities.

Introduction - Team introductions and overview of planned workshop activities and outcomes

GenAI & Microsoft 365 Copilot Overview - Generative AI overview including Microsoft's AI portfolio, and overview of Microsoft 365 Copilot's architecture, features & capabilities

Microsoft 365 Copilot Value Proposition - Review of Microsoft 365 Copilot pricing, identification of target personas for potential pilot applications, and discussion around who needs to be involved in planning a pilot

Next Steps - Recap of workshop activities, learnings, and confirm timing of "Pre-flight Inspection" workshop to align on pilot group and timing

* Pricing of Pre-flight Inspection and further engagements based on scope of the engagements

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