Introducing Microsoft Entra: 2 Hour Workshop

Slalom Consulting

Learn about how Microsoft Entra will help your business step into tomorrow with modern identity and access solutions by introducing you to modern access security across a broad range of products.

Secure access for a connected world.

This Free 2 Hour Workshop will introduce you to the tools you need to confidently enable smarter, real-time access decisions for all identities across hybrid, multicloud and beyond.

Microsoft Entra is part of Microsoft 365 family and this will help drive the adoption of the solution. Microsoft Entra includes:
* Azure Active Directory - Protect your users, apps, workloads, and devices.
Azure AD Integration Scenarios
Secure adaptive access
Seamless user experiences
Simplified access governance

* Microsoft Entra Permissions Management - One unified model to manage permissions of any identity across any cloud with a cloud infrastructure entitlement management (CIEM) solution.
Manage permissions based on historical usage and activities
SSPR Solution Architecture
Multi-Factor Authentication

* Microsoft Entra Verified ID - Enable more secure interactions while respecting privacy with an industry-leading global platform.
Fast remote onboarding
More secure access
Easy account recovery
Custom business solutions

This workshop will define Slalom's approach with technology that empowers your business while keeping security in harmony with your business:

* People First
* Impactful Delivery
* Long Term Planning

After the workshop, you can consider next steps, including a 1:1 Demo for you and your team, a Proof of Concept in your environment, a Customized Strategy Session, or Requirements Gathering and Implementation Roadmap (available for additional fees).

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