PowerPack for Progressus

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PowerPack, an extension of Progressus PSA, taking a unique solution to a new level

PowerPack for Progressus is an extension of Progressus PSA (advanced project & resource management for project-based businesses), adding advanced functionality in selected areas aiming to

  • Empower your Project Managers to drive successful and profitable projects
  • Ease the burden on your Consultants making T&E entry “a nice experience” as an integrated part of daily working tools.
  • Guide your Executives to insight through visibility into key operational metrics.
  • Enrich Finance with process automation, to facilitate increased efficiency and productivity

PowerPack for Progressus highlights:

  • TIME ENTRY IN OUTLOOK: Enter time directly in Outlook, preventing work from being forgotten or missed.
  • OUTLOOK CALENDAR PLANNING: Get access to (non-private) calendar bookings to provide a full overview and insight of workload and availability.
  • GANTT CHART:  Graphical planning of project tasks and colour visualisation for usage vs budget.
  • PROJECT SUPPLY PLANNING: Utilise the full potential of the Business Central replenishment system for Purchase, Assembly, and Production Order with any project demand.
  • SUBSCRIPTION ORDER:  Manage your agreements with customers to sell certain products or services on a recurring schedule.
  • MODERN TIMESHEET: Timesheets with graphical chart and colour visualisation to make the T&E process a pleasant experience.
  • RESOURCE ANALYIS VIEWS: Get insight into selected areas such as Timesheet Status, Resource Usage, and Resource Workload & Availability in matrix format with colour visualisation and alerts.
  • POWER BI PACKAGE: A complete data model for Progressus PSA with standard reporting package

Supported editions: 

This app supports both the Essential and Premium editions of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.

Supported countries: 

United States, Canada, Great Britain, Belgium, Denmark, Spain, Sweden, Netherlands

Supported languages:

English, French, Dutch, Danish, Spanish and Swedish
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