Flintfox Intelligent Pricing Manufacturing

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Supply Chain Revenue Management for Discrete Manufacturing with Microsoft Dynamics 365

Are you looking for a next-gen pricing platform to take your pricing strategy to the next level? We can help. In complex trading environments, if you can't act fast, you miss out. But unraveling real-time transactional data can seem an impossible task with today's tech stack.

Flintfox helps you find magic in the margins, giving you enterprise pricing powers so you can analyze, act and automate your pricing at speed. Our next-gen platform works hand in hand with Microsoft Dynamics 365 to untangle complexity, uncover actionable intel, and unlock incremental value.

We help manufacturing organizations by enabling complete real-time visibility across every aspect of the supply chain; unlocking the benefits of activity with precision, accuracy, visibility, and speed.

We help businesses every day to execute pricing via:

  • Rebates, chargebacks, and claim management

  • Delivering thousands of complex, channel-specific calculations at hyper speed

  • Seamless omnichannel pricing – deliver the right price to the right customer across any channel

  • Instant visibility to margins and profitability at a click of a button.

Suited to the most complex settings. Configurable to your exact needs. Compatible with all industries.

Let’s Talk to give your business unrivaled visibility across every aspect of your pricing so you can find the magic in your margins.

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