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Kiosk solution for retail and restaurant companies with Dynamics 365 Commerce

Amicis Lifestyle Self-Service Kiosk is a solution for retail and restaurant companies with Dynamics 365 Commerce that adds kiosks to create endless aisle and customer self-serve opportunities that increase sales and speed of service and grow customer loyalty and engagement.

Lifestyle Self-Service Kiosk Highlights

  • Intuitive, user-friendly interface for a seamless customer experience
  • Centralized kiosk screen configuration that automatically populates button grids
  • Tailor display of assortments or menus based on kiosk location and/or time period
  • Manage assortments and menus by hierarchy, categories, availability, top sellers and more
  • Customers can view order history and loyalty programs, receive personalized product recommendations, create wish lists and more when they enter an ID number, name and phone number, or scan a QR code linked to their account
  • Take advantage of curated lists to drive sales: New, Best Selling, Trending, Frequently Bought Together, People Also Like, Picks for You
  • Engage and advertise to your customer when the kiosk is idle with your own digital library via kiosk media server
Endless Aisle
  • Retailers can offer a much more extensive selection of products than can be displayed in-store, with enhanced digital cross-sell and upsell opportunities from AI, machine learning.
  • Customers can scan barcodes and view product information, browse the entire catalog, create wish lists, check product availability at other stores, get personalized product recommendations, order and pay at the kiosk for delivery to home or pick-up in-store.
Restaurant Self-Service
Restaurants utilizing Amicis Lifestyle Food & Beverage can benefit from additional restaurant functionality, such as:
  • Raise check averages and improve customer throughput with an increased capacity for taking orders
  • Customers can view the menu, make modifications and substitutions, view ingredients, nutrition and allergens, redeem or sign up for loyalty rewards, order and pay.
  • As customer makes modifications and substitutions to their order, nutrition values and allergens are adjusted, and inventory is tracked and accounted for in the back office
  • Centralized management of recipes, ingredients, combos, substitutions and modifiers
  • Route orders directly to Kitchen Display System and customer order ready screens

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