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World leading industry solution provider for Automotive, Equipment, Rental & Fleet Industries

Annata 365 is a smart business solution that drives digital transformation and unlocks opportunities for innovation in the Automotive and Heavy Equipment industries.

The solution for Manufacturers, Importers/Wholesale, Dealers, and Rental and Fleet businesses who strive to maximize their market value, excelling in customer service and sales through investment and operation of a world-class management solution.

Annata 365 is an industry-specific Management Solution that integrates and leverages the standard features of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management, as well as providing extensive additional features specifically designed to support the automotive, equipment, rental, and fleet industries. Tracking your vehicles/machinery with a 360-degree overview, including Sales, Service, and After-sales, following the full lifecycle of the vehicle/machinery from "cradle to grave."

With Annata 365, you get all the business-specific processes connected to the lifecycle of a vehicle or equipment, as well as all the standard functionality (HR, Finance, etc.) needed to run your entire business. All within one solution.

Microsoft Cloud for Manufacturing July 2023 Launch Partner

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