AXtension® Planning & Control for ProServ


Optimize resource utilization & billability. Prevent disputed invoices.

AXtension® Planning & Control for Professional Services.

Are you missing planning & controlling capabilities in Microsoft Dynamics 365 and considering, or using external planning tools? 

With AXtension® Planning & Control, you can be in control of your planning and budget for projects. Optimize resource utilization and increase their billability. Compare your latest planning to baseline budget & planning. All information is based on real-time data collected from Procurement, Timesheets, Expenses, Forecasts and much more.

Project Manager

"AXtension® Planning & Control helps me to manage my entire project portfolio to manage project milestones & constraints. I get all the input I need to talk to my customer and agree on activities and hours required to complete deliverables and tasks.”

Operations Manager

"AXtension® Planning & Control helps me to manage the project teams by having real-time project insights across all projects. This way I’m always up to date when participating in steering group meetings to discuss required actions to deliver a successful project.”

Resource Planner

“AXtension® Planning & Control helps me to manage our resources in the most effective way possible. I can make sure people are working on the correct project each day. The solution improves my communication with the project manager since we have a single point of truth.”

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