GO-GPAIS. Data Transfer on Packaging&Products

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Easily submit the data to the State system. A must-have part of the Lithuanian Localization Pack

According to the law of the Republic of Lithuania, every active company in Lithuania must submit mandatory sets of data to the systems of the state public authority.

To help companies to carry out this duty timely and without any errors, GO-ERP has created the Lithuanian Localization Pack which consists of the must-have Microsoft Dynamics 365 F&O extensions.

GO-GPAIS – Data Transfer on Packaging & Products

The electronic system GPAIS (English - Unified Product, Packaging and Waste Record Keeping Information System (PPWIS)) – provides the data on the waste management to the Ministry of Environment.

Subsequently, the companies are obliged to submit the data on the packaging and products to the GPAIS according to the requirements and set formats.

The GO-GPAIS solution was developed to help the companies manage and submit the required data the easy and convenient way

The GO-GPAIS is a must-have part of the Lithuanian Localization Pack.

The solution is suitable and well adapted to the Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations, and earlier AX versions.

The upcoming extension’s adaptation is planned according to the requirements of the Republic of Lithuania.

Learn more about the GO-GPAIS solution.

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