Crowe CX for Commercial Lending

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Commercial lending, simplified with the Microsoft Dynamics 365 platform.

There can be inefficiency and frustration in commercial lending. Manual processes and over-engineered systems get in the way of customer experience. Commercial Lending doesn’t have to be so complex. Built on the Microsoft Dynamics 365 platform, Crowe CX for Commercial Lending can revolutionize how you interact within your lending team and with your borrowers.

Power up your team

With Crowe CX for Commercial Lending, everyone can see when something is needed and who’s responsible.

Be nudged in the right direction

Status indicators, automated notifications, and workflow templates automatically move loans in the right direction without micromanagement.

Happy lenders, happy life

Get your lenders back to what they love doing – making your community a better place. Crowe CX for Commercial Lending can help strengthen relationships with your borrowers and your team.

Like a pizza tracker for loans

Clearly set expectations and visualize the loan progress. Your borrowers want to know exactly where their loan is in the process. It can be frustrating for them to rely on emails and phone calls.

A single, secure place for documents

Email seems like an easy way to collect documentation. It’s not. With Crowe CX for Commercial Lending borrowers can upload documents into one place that everyone on the team can access.

All the details, right in your pocket

The experience is just plain friendly – both on mobile and desktop. The simple and organized user interface allows borrowers to feel confident in the process.

Crowe CX for Commercial Lending

  • Focuses on improving the commercial lending experience for both lenders and borrowers
  • Provides commercial lending teams fast, easy tools for more efficient collaboration and sharing

  • Empowers borrowers and provides them transparency into the lending process eliminating status update emails
  • Automates the document collection process, always a pain point in the process, eliminating multiple touchpoints
  • Eliminates checklists and email by providing a shared transparent workplace for all loan team members
  • Built on Dynamics 365, PowerApps and PowerAutomate to provide powerful workflow and incredible flexibility
  • Integrated with the tools your people use every day in Teams and Microsoft 365 to drive productivity and ease of adoption

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