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BCP PowerApp capsule used to boost enterprise operations in crisis

This is an application which helps your organisation, employees and managers to request for any approvals or raise any requests. This App has the following features:
1. Ability to integrate with the organization’s active directory
2. Capable of representing the organizations’ approval hierarchy for a particular request
3. Transactional process of requests and approval can be enabled in a single platform for all users
4. Managers can easily approve from the app and provide comments for more clarity if required before approving
5. Perfect app that automates the daily processes in a crisis without physical inference
This app enhances the efficiency and effectiveness of the HR, Operations, Administration, Travel and Management Team during this crisis when they are unable to collaborate physically with their employees.
While there is an outbreak, these Applications can be used to ensure your employees safety and by enhancing and boosting business continuity by making complex process much simpler.
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