GO-ERP All-in-One Address Lookup

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Quick, fast and easy way for address autocompletion and VAT validation

All-in-one address lookup in Dynamics 365

Are you tired of constantly using google to find the address information for the company you’re interested in? Then this solution will reduce the need for using external services!

Make your job faster and easier! All in one address lookup solution provides several options for entering and validating company address, starting from simple country lookup ending with full address and VAT number validation.

Validating VAT number with VIES

Go-ERP’s developed VAT number validation solution lets you quickly and conveniently validate any legal entities with provided VAT number in the EU using VIES integration. This quick and powerful solution will eliminate the need to use an external VAT number validator, saving users time by using it on the same platform. Users will be able to automatically pre-fill address fields on the form and manually edit them if needed.

Address autocomplete

To save users time solution will autocomplete and fill in legal entities address information. As the user starts typing part of the legal entities’ name, the solution will narrow down and predict company name and fill in company’s address information, minimising amount of keystrokes.

Country lookup
Small but handy addition to the solution, which will allow users to choose a country from a list, or be automatically filled with integrations.

Batch VAT number validation

With few keystrokes user will be able to scan through all or selected few records in the system validating their VAT numbers, updating address information saving hours or even days of work.

Value of the solution

  • Saves time
  • Cleans up the system
  • Eliminates chances of working with fraudulent customers
  • Reduces the stress of manual address fill-in process

Disclaimer: VAT number validation works with European union countries excluding

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