Infinity Buttons - Clone Record in Dynamics 365

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Easily Clone any record in Dynamics 365 including table records and related activities

Instantly create a copy of a record in Dynamics 365

Save hours of data entry by easily cloning Dynamics 365 records


What is Infinity Buttons: Clone Record?

Clone Record is a data clone tool that allows you to efficiently clone record information including parent-child relationships in Dynamics 365 CRM.

With Clone Record, when you click the Clone Record button, you'll be prompted to select the fields you want to clone. From there, you can choose which related records you want to include – such as opportunity products and competitors – and select the specific fields you want to copy over from those records. What sets Clone Record apart is its flexibility. You have complete control over which fields, child records, and related activities you want to include in your cloned record. This means you can create a record that's tailored to your specific needs, without having to spend hours manually copying over data.

Features and Benefits:

Easily clone any record at the click of a button

Our clone record button sits in the system ribbon allowing you to easily navigate to and clone any record across your system. This feature saves valuable time that would otherwise be spent creating a record from scratch. No more Copy and Pasting data!

Clone child - parent relationships

Our tool allows you to easily clone child records or related activities within the parent record maintaining the original references. This ensures that all data associated with the original record is transferred to the cloned record establishing accuracy and completeness of the cloned record.

Full flexibility. Clone a record in its entirety or partially

Allow your users to select which fields they want to clone from the original record. This feature is useful for users who only need to clone specific data, rather than the entire record. This will provide a tailored cloning experience meeting your specific individual or business needs.

Available on any table or record across your entire system

We’ve made it easy for you to clone a successful event, a reoccurring opportunity, a existing customer service case or weekly/monthly word or product order. Use this tool right across your system on Out of the box records and custom entities and also any tables.

Try the 30-day free trial today and save time cloning data from your CRM a breeze!

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